Always a dream to work with; whether commissioning a new design or selecting from amongst our existing collection, Kate’s understanding and vision aligns beautifully with our own.  Her interiors are exquisitely detailed and offset our luminaires to perfection.

–Christopher Boots - lighting designer

Kate Challis’ circuitous route to design, through a doctorate in fine arts, demonstrates in other-worldly interiors that are rich with pictorial narrative and personal myth. They fit no genre and cater to no convention, but fill the fertile crevasse between historic quotation and the sensuous abbreviation of character. They are stand-alone romantic and real.

–Annemarie Kiely - Melbourne Vogue Living Editor

Be prepared to have your socks knocked off . . . what Kate has done totally and utterly takes your breath away. Truly inspirational.

–Internationally renowned interior guru Abigail Ahern

A mesmerising interior, it is lingering in my mind to such an extent that the visual pleasure of that 10 minutes in your house was like entering an exotic dream, then back out onto the cold reality of the world

–Sheridan Palmer, Art historian, biographer & curator

Kate Challis is a connoisseur of colour and texture, with that rare ability to utilise fearless colour and bold textures with absolute refinement.

A space curated by Kate engages a sense of theatre, whimsy, history and passion, and she is forever attuned to the ‘feel’ and purpose of her creations.

Kate connects with her clients, suppliers and projects on a deep level, and leaves no stone unturned on her search for the perfect colour in the perfect texture to realise her unique vision.

–Clare Scanlan, Porter’s Paints

Our Estate is a dream come true.

It is truly a rare skill to be able to understand so clearly the client’s innerscape and to create a design that resonates so well with that – we are really inspired by your talents.

–Kelly and Philip Lim

I cried with happiness when I first saw my new hair salon. It was the most amazing design experience I have had in a long time.

Kate made me feel very comfortable through the entire process from design conception through to liaising with all the trades.

From a business perspective, Kate’s design has definitely changed our whole image and is attracting more clientele.

A lot of people are talking about it!

–Sofia Basile

I’ve lived in my apartment for more than a decade, and only now does it feel like home.  Before Kate and her team worked their magic, my apartment was merely a place to lay my head at night, eat the occasional meal, and store my worldly belongings.  I rarely had people over.  Now, I can’t wait to have people around to be entertained. And it’s their comments about the ‘before and after’ that are the true testament to the work that Kate and her team have delivered.

–Sam Murray

One of the things I liked best was that Kate really listened to what was important to me.

Kate came up with new concepts she knew would totally transform the room, but enabled retention of pieces that were important to me.

She encouraged me to be brave and recommended gorgeous pieces that really brought the room to life.

Throughout the project Kate’s professionalism was wonderful.  She managed our time well and made the process fun.  We finished it relatively quickly, and her work not only provided exciting ideas for transformation, but she made them happen, and saved me an enormous amount of time overall.

–Tracey Carr

Kate and her team developed a design that matched our brief and exceeded our expectations.

–Kathleen Yeung