1. Tom Dixon’s Form Tea Pot

    An occupational hazard of mine is that I am impossibly difficult to buy for. I love an occasion, the thought, something perishable, hand-written cards, drawings and many things my son makes for me, but I start getting nervous when presented with an actual physical present, especially if it is something for the house. Gulp!

    But this Mother’s Day my son and husband absolutely nailed my present . . . Tom Dixon’s Form Tea Pot.Tom Dixon's Form Tea Pot Its shape reminiscent of the ultra modern sleek lines of the Viennese modernists of the Wiener Werkstaette (est. 1903) and it also evokes the American minimalist sculptor Donald Judd as well as Japanese Zen functional simplicity.

    Made from spun brass which is polished and dipped in a warm gold wash with use the inside of the pot tarnishes. The lid has a strangely pleasant weight to it.

    Most significantly, when I use it I find I myself fully absorbed in the act of making the tea and in that little moment, while the world is often spinning around me at full speed, I am thinking of nothing except my tea pot and the two people in my life who gave it to me.

    This is not a sponsored post.