1. Cutting through the chaos of interior design

    There are many things I love in life: the sound of my son singing to himself, the smell of my florist’s shop, walking the streets of a new city, beautifully made clothes, stocking our kitchen cupboards from farmers’ markets, the subtle scent of a Serge Lutens perfume, listening to a podcast and feeling like I’m conversation with a friend, walking through a wallpapered room and, at the end of a super-busy week and the perfect martini. But I also have a passion for two other things: interior design and education. Living in a place you love and that inspires you is…

  2. Sunday Life: 7 February 2016

    Honoured to be featured in Sunday Life yesterday, especially as the magnificent Iris Apfel was gracing the cover. Thank you to Heather Nette King for her words and styling, Armelle Habib for the photos and also Emilie Smith for help with the styling.

  3. Bathroom trends: More than just a place to wash

    Everyone has transformative moments in their lives; when the world around you sharpens into focus, when you hit your stride and find our voice. As an interior designer that happened with me when I made the bold and at the time unconventional (but then I was never good at being conventional) decision to wallpaper our bathroom in a dark Victorian inspired pattern. This was met with cries of “the paper will go mouldy”, “your toddler will ruin it within weeks”, “you’ll quickly get sick of it” but after years of trying to breathe some life into an otherwise uninspiring space…