1. Bathroom trends: More than just a place to wash

    Everyone has transformative moments in their lives; when the world around you sharpens into focus, when you hit your stride and find our voice. As an interior designer that happened with me when I made the bold and at the time unconventional (but then I was never good at being conventional) decision to wallpaper our bathroom in a dark Victorian inspired pattern.

    This was met with cries of “the paper will go mouldy”, “your toddler will ruin it within weeks”, “you’ll quickly get sick of it” but after years of trying to breathe some life into an otherwise uninspiring space I was ready to do something drastic. As soon as I spotted Catherine Martin’s Lace by Porter’s Paints, I knew it was for me and specifically for my bathroom. After that, everything came together quickly: I found a superb antique French crystal chandelier and matched it with Patricia Urquiola Frilly Chair in transparent pink plastic for Kartell to give it a pop of colour.



    When I did this, bathrooms were seen as being functional spaces and their design clinical. More recently, we are seeing a trend towards bathrooms being an oasis: pleasurable place where we prepare ourselves for the day and relax and unwind in the bath in the evening.

    That was almost six years ago and the wallpaper is still in great condition, my toddler who is now a school aged kid loves the ‘rainbow’ patterns the crystals throw on the shower tiles and I am certainly not sick of it. In fact, when our house is extended next year which means that the bathroom will need to be remodelled I am planning to use the same wallpaper.

    A bathroom need not be big to give it character in the form of colour, pattern and decorative lighting. Indeed, the bathroom of a project of mine nearing completion is less than four meters square, yet it is one of the highlights of the apartment with its handmade green and blue Portuguese tiles. I am looking forward to showcasing it here in the next months.