1. KateChallisInteriors_KCIOffice02

    The importance of embracing contradictions in interior design

    A house without layers looks sterile and boring. I am not talking about going maximal and wearing all your jewellery at once. In fact, I would argue that layering and variety is even more important if you like a more zen or minimalist look. Abigail Ahern, the queen of dark wall, talks about wanting to tantalise the eye, so that when you walk into a room you can’t quite work it out in one go. It’s what makes the space visually interesting. It can be done boldly, but where I differ from the fab Ms Ahern is that I believe it…

  2. Kate_Challis_D29968

    Why the WOW factor is critical to interior design

    The WOW factor is not about glitz, prestige or money. It is about enticement and mystery. This simply cannot be done if your home looks like everyone else’s. Your house simply will not have it if it is merely functional and nothing else. Your home will also struggle to have it if it is fully fitted out from any one single store, be that IKEA or Poliform. It will simply look like a showroom. It will be predictable and while familiarity is great in many areas of our lives, aesthetically it is boring and bland. A friend of mine owns a stunning home in Bali…

  3. Kate_Challis0640

    The Golden Rule of Interior Design

    Forget all the rules of interior design. Throw them out. Advice such as “Always have matching bedside tables”, “Never paint small rooms dark”, “Always paint the walls white”, “Declutter your life” are just confusing and often contradictory. Don’t follow some arbitrary decorating rule because you read it somewhere. Find out for yourself what you like and works for you and remember that your tastes are likely to change too. As far as I am concerned there is only one golden rule of interior design and it’s best encapsulated by William Morris “Have nothing in your house that you do not…